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Talent Search Philosophy

Culture and personality fit is becoming increasingly important. To find the best talent we evaluate two contrasting aspects of every applicant

Resume Screening

Personality Assessment

Talent Search Process

Resume Screening

We identify the candidates who best meet the required and desired criteria for the open position and who we want to move forward onto the next step of our  search process, which is usually a form of interview.


Determine shortlist criteria


Create a shortlist scorecard


Screening resumes to shortlist candidates


Personality Assessment

Personality comprises the psychological preferences, temperaments, and predispositions that, in part, motivate and govern people’s behavior, and one of the goals of psychology is to understand these stable traits and effectively measure them through personality assessments. Right Personality Assessment always lead to good hiring decisions.


Structured interviews


Work samples and simulations


Personality or psychometric tests


Cognitive ability and problem-solving test

Talent Search Process

This Process comprises identifying, researching, generating, and networking with potential job candidates in order to convert individuals into job applicants. The broader task of talent sourcing is to generate a consistent flow of highly-skilled applicants.

Understand Recruitment Needs

We analyse the job specifications including the knowledge, skills and experience needed for the role.

Outline Key Challenges

We define key challenges and form best suitable strategies to overcome them

Connect with Candidates

We identify the right talent, attract them and motivate them to apply

Market Study and Mapping

We conduct analysis of a market, especially competitors, and the employment status of key people who work in it. This helps create an idea of the level of skill and talent competitors have

Create Job Description

Once we know exactly what we need in terms of knowledge, skills and experience, it is time to determine the duties and responsibilities of the job. Preparing a comprehensive job description (JD) will help us know what our potential employees must have in order to meet the demands of the role

Conduct Reference Checks

We are also specialized in conducting reference checks. Reference checks are done to get more information about a candidate by contacting his/her previous employers, schools, etc.

Case Studies and Tests

We also conduct Case studies and test if needed to source the right fit

Detailed Screening

A series of interviews will continue throughout the candidate identification process and the number of potential candidates will be reduced to 5 at most.

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